What is Total Knee Replacement Surgery.

Total Knee Replacement SurgeryThose who have lived with the pain and limitations of damaged knees understand how important it is to find a solution for repair that works. Many patients do not wait until their doctor recommends total knee replacement to seriously consider the option. They see surgery as a way to take back control of their life, and this treatment is often their only option for an effective solution. If you have been suffering with knee pain, then continue reading to learn more about total knee replacement surgery.

About the Procedure

The new parts used to replace damaged knees are called a “prosthesis.” During surgery, the knee is removed and the ends of the femur and tibia connecting the joint to the leg are made smooth. A metal shell is installed along with a plastic piece whose purpose is to replace the kneecap. It normally takes no more than 2 and a half hours for the surgery to be done. The next day, most patients are able to stand and put pressure on their new knee. A typical hospital stay is about 4 to 6 days. Recovery periods last for a few months, aided by the use of a walker during the first few weeks.

How Safe is Total Knee Replacement?

The first knee replacement surgery was performed in 1968. Now thousands of people benefit from this procedure every year. It has been shown to increase the lifespan of those who receive it by an average of 2.5 years thanks to improvements in quality of life. Total knee replacement has one of the greatest success rates in all of surgical medicine. The safety and effectiveness of the surgery continues increase at a fast pace thanks to the rapid advancement of medical technology.

Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of the need for total knee replacement. Other causes include injuries and wear from obesity. While knee problems can be incredibly painful, this surgery helps patients overcome the pain and limited mobility. If you want to know more about total knee replacement, contact the medical professionals at St Pete Hip and Knee in Tampa, Florida.

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