Initial Consultation.

Kurt-HirshornYour initial consultation with Dr. Hirshorn may take 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of your problem. At your first visit, we will take a comprehensive medical history, with special emphasis on your hip problem. You will have a complete orthopedic examination to rule out other conditions which may be causing your symptoms. We will need to take x-rays of the involved joint(s) if you have not had any taken recently (and brought them with you).


  • Any family members or friends you may want to have present to help in the discussion and decision making process.
    A written list of questions you may have.
  • Any X-Rays, MRI studies, bone scans or other studies of your hip taken by previous physicians (that you can readily obtain).
  • A list of your current medications (with dosages).
  • A list of physicians you have seen in the past 2 years (with addresses and phone numbers, if possible). We normally send a full report to the doctor who referred you to us. Please let us know if you want a report sent to any other physician.
Kurt Hirshorn MD of Tampa Hip and Knee guarantees expertise and compassion when caring for his patients, and ensures a good hospital stay. Schedule an appointment today or call us at (813) 377-4445.
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