Whats The Benefit of Low Impact Sports.

Benefits of Low Impact SportsOrthopedic surgeons at St Pete Hip and Knee center encourage their patients to involve in low impact sports activities after knee replacement surgery for a number of reasons. The patients would recover their physical fitness very fast, keep their heart and lungs at peak performance and manage to perform many of their domestic chores without depending on other people. Low impact sports activities after hip replacement reduce post-operation complications and allow the new knee to adapt quickly to the pressures of the body weight.

Ask the Surgeon before Participation

Patients are, however, advised to inform their surgeons of their intentions before involving in any sports activities. The surgeon will then explain the benefits of low impact sports activities, risks of high impact sports, how to reduce potential risks, and the most appropriate activities for the specific patient. Moreover, patients will be directed to wait till the muscles around the new joints have strengthened enough to secure the new joints and avert needless trauma.

Low Impact Sports Activities

Benefits of Low Impact ExerciseLow impact sports activities recommended by St Pete Hip and Knee surgeons include low impact aerobics, bowling, dancing, stationary bicycling, horseback riding, golf, walking, shooting, shuffleboard, croquet, horseshoes, and swimming. Some activities allowed only for experienced patients include hiking, canoeing, road bicycling, rowing, speed walking, doubles tennis, cross-country skiing, stationary skiing, weight machines, and ice skating. Dr Kurt Hirshorn, a surgeon at the center, also recommends that golfers should use golf carts when playing golf and should never wear spiked shoes. Sex is feasible after knee replacement as long as it does not involve running, crossing obstacles and moving around at high speeds.

High Impact Sports Activities

High impact activities have to be avoided after hip replacement. They may cause unnecessary trauma, heightened wear of the surfaces of the new joint, fracture of the skeleton at the replaced knee site, and slackening of replaced knee prosthesis. Some high impact activities after knee replacement may cause failure of the replaced knee. The high impact activities include rock climbing, squash, racquetball, soccer, single tennis, volleyball, football, gymnastics, lacrosse, power lifting, hockey, basketball, running, jogging and handball.

Intention to participate in any sports activities that are not mentioned above must be registered with the orthopedic surgeon before participation. Learning to participate in new high impact activities after knee replacement surgery is not recommended. For more information on sports and knee replacement surgery, call or visit us at Tampa Hip and Knee in Tampa, Florida.

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