Which Approach Is Used for Hip Replacement?.

Approach Used for Total Hip ReplacementOf all the faqs about hip replacement, questions concerning the approach used are now most frequent. Dr. Kurt Hirshorn as witnessed an increase in patients’ curiosity about the surgical approach over the time and attributes it to greater accessibility of medical information thanks to the internet. Now patients have more information about options during hip replacement surgery, but the data can be inconclusive or misleading, causing them to ask more questions.

In reality, there is not much difference in the results had when using either posterior or anterior approaches. The posterior approach is the one Dr. Kurt Hirshorn uses, and he has very good reason for this preference. He has no problem explaining to patients why he continues to use this method in spite of the popularity given the anterior approach.

The anterior approach has become very popular mainly due to marketing and advertising activities recommending this option. According to many marketers, the anterior approach is a game changer, making miracles happen for those getting a new hip. The claimed benefits include no cut muscles, minimally invasive surgery, and no risk of dislocation.

Approach for Hip ReplacementMany patients ask for the anterior approach to be used because they are sure its advertised advantages will benefit them. What they do not know is that these benefits are not experienced by the majority. Actually, there is still a risk of dislocation with the anterior approach that is equal to the risk had with the posterior approach. The real difference is that the anterior approach limits visualization during surgery. Should something go wrong, the patient has to be repositioned.

To Dr. Kurt Hirshorn, the posterior approach is preferred, as it allows any situation to be handled without changing the patient’s position and provides better visualization. Considering the fact that both approaches come with an equal chance of dislocation, the posterior approach is the one with the advantage. For more information about the practices of Dr. Kurt Hirshorn or total hip replacement surgery, contact Tampa Hip and Knee.

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